Why is this blog so boring?

The truth is, I've done the fun food blog thing, with the amusing anecdotes, the pretty photos of each dish -- it's exhausting!  But I miss sharing recipes with other people and discussing tasty food, and my sister-in-law has asked several times if we could please make a blog so she could easily search through our recipes when she wants to try something new... happy early birthday, Erika!

So anyway, on this blog, you'll find recipes, and that's it.  These are the things we have made (at least once, often more than that) and decided they're tasty enough we want to make them again.  We've been married since 2002 and cooking for just as long, and we have tried thousands of recipes since then.  These are the keepers -- we have tried a whole lot of recipes over the years that made us say, "Yeah, let's never make that again."  You won't find those here.

We modify most recipes to make them easier or to fit our cooking styles.   If I know where we originally found a recipe, I will cite that source or link to it.  But when you've been cooking for more than ten years, and make 3 or more new recipes almost every week, more often than not you just don't remember.

If you try one of these recipes, feel free to leave a comment -- I will respond!  Whether you liked it, didn't like it, had a question or a suggestion, whatever.


  1. I don't cook near as much as I used to. I've grown extremely lazy. (I eat out a lot and microwave a lot of frozen meals. When you are a single guy, you have to get by somehow.) I don't really find this blog all that boring, in fact I may try some of the less ambitious recipes. If you are interested I will give you my own "Pintos Locos" (pinto beans recipe). Good for a church function, and you can adjust the recipe to suit the youngsters.

    1. Hey look, another of Quiggy's comments that I never saw.

      Yes! I'd love to try Pintos Locos. Email me the recipe or something?